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Bike has been performed by Tand in 36 shows. It was last played 2024-02-14, which was 4 shows ago.

Date Played Venue Show Gap Footnote
2021-10-14 Wills Pub, Orlando, FL60
2021-10-28 Suwannee Hulaween, Live Oak, FL3
2021-12-19 The Green Parrot, Key West, FL7
2022-01-15 Guanabanas, Jupiter, FL1
2022-04-29 Crazy Uncle Mikes, Boca Raton, FL2
2022-05-25 Mellwood Tavern, Louisville, KY2
2022-05-29 Summer Camp Music Festival, Chillicothe, IL2
2022-06-24 Guanabanas, Jupiter, FL1
2022-06-30 Peach Music Festival, Scranton, PA1
2022-07-02 5 Points Music Sanctuary, Roanoke, VA1
2022-08-18 Steady Hand Beer Co., Atlanta, GA4
2022-08-19 U.S. Whitewater Center, Charlotte, NC1
2022-08-25 The Falcon, Delray Beach, FL1
2022-09-30 Crazy Uncle Mikes, Boca Raton, FL2
2022-10-07 Dunedin Brewery, Dunedin, FL1
2022-10-19 Eastside Bowl, Nashville, TN3
2022-10-22 The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NC3
2023-01-26 The Windmill Bar, St. John, USVI6
2023-02-10 Crazy Uncle Mikes, Boca Raton, FL6
2023-03-25 Tarpon River Brewing, Fort Lauderdale, FL2
2023-06-16 The Green Parrot, Key West, FL3
2023-08-16 Park City Music Hall, Bridgeport, CT6
2023-08-18 Funk N Waffles, Syracuse, NY2
2023-08-23 The 8x10, Baltimore, MD3
2023-09-06 Get Tight Lounge, Richmond, VA3
2023-09-09 The Lost Paddle at ACE Adventure Resort, Oak Hill, WV3
2023-09-13 Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts, Charlotte, NC3
2023-09-16 The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NC3w/ Land Of Spies tease
2023-10-11 The Brightside, Dayton, OH1w/ Land Of Spies tease
2023-10-15 Mellwood Tavern, Louisville, KY4
2023-10-19 Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH2
2023-10-21 crobar, Cleveland, OH2
2023-10-26 Suwannee Hulaween, Live Oak, FL1
2023-11-12 Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SC4
2023-12-22 Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, FL2
2024-02-14 Victory North, Savannah, GA1

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